RPM handles initial rebuttals, as well as appeals for demands that have been unsuccessfully defended previously, in the following subject areas:

• Occupancy issues
• Stated and other income issues
• Straw borrowers
• Appraisal issues
• Underwriting issues
• False verifications
• Employment misrepresentation
• Undisclosed debts
• Title issues  

Loan Portfolio Services


At RPM, we specialize in managing and maximizing the return on residential performing, sub-performing and non-performing mortgage loans and REO properties. Our experienced team of mortgage and legal professionals will help you substantially improve your recovery efforts while increasing your return on investment and gross revenues.

We provide access to the potential outsized returns of the distressed residential mortgage marketplace for those with or without specialized knowledge in this area.  

Portfolio Managemenet


 We act as your consultant or representative for the management of a portfolio or portion thereof (e.g., loans 60+ days delinquent). Typically, we concentrate on the collection strategies of your servicers to ensure that they:

- Make collection calls, as dictated by the payment history of each loan
- Post collections and suspense payments accurately
- Have an appropriate number of loans per collector
- Manage loans 60+ days delinquent with specialized employees and methodologies
- Use innovative strategies geared to each loan’s specific characteristics, especially those loans
- that are 60+ days delinquent
- Limit third party costs to those that are fair and reasonable
- Provide accurate and timely reporting
- Provide a custom solution that meets your needs